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Relive your childhood when you check out our Small Bahay Kubo

Bahay kubo is a traditional Filipino house that has been around for centuries. Here at The Playground, our small bahay kubo allows older generations to not just relive their fun childhood.

But spend quality time with families and friends while making sure our culture and heritage are preserved.

Our mini bahay kubo is your little haven after a long day walking, and/or running in our park.

Sure, our small kubo may not look modern, but it’s the experience and culture that we want to impart to today’s generation.

Our kubo smalls can accommodate up to 8-10 people, making them an ideal option for larger groups.

Kubo Details

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Spend some peace and quiet in our tiny cabin house after a fun-filled day here at The Playground

Our tiny cabin house can host a small group which can be a perfect setting for some get-to-know-each-other time for friends and family. Tired after a long day at our mini zoo? Want to take a quick nap before heading to an ATV adventure? Or do you simply want to enjoy some quiet time with friends and family?

Go take a rest in our tiny cabin house because you deserve it. Whether you want some alone time to reflect on your goals, or if you feel like getting some much needed break.

Our small cottage can accommodate that and more!

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We offer several different kubo smalls, each with its own unique dimensions and features. Here's a rundown of the different options we have available:

#24: This kubo is 8 feet by 9 feet, making it one of our largest options. It’s perfect for a family or group of friends who want a little extra space.

#16: At 9 feet by 7 feet, this kubo is slightly smaller than #24 but still offers plenty of room for up to 8-10 people.

#17: Measuring 8 feet by 7 feet, this kubo is cozy and intimate, making it perfect for a romantic getaway or a small family.

#14: Like #17, this kubo is also 8 feet by 7 feet, but it’s situated in a more secluded location, offering added privacy and tranquility.

#15: This kubo is 7 feet by 8 feet and features a unique layout that’s perfect for families or groups of friends who want to socialize and hang out together.

#02: With dimensions of 7 feet by 8 feet, this kubo is ideal for couples or small families who want a quiet and peaceful retreat.

#03: Like #02, this kubo is also 7 feet by 8 feet and offers a private and serene setting for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

#05: Finally, this kubo is 8 feet by 7 feet and features a spacious interior that’s perfect for larger groups.

After all, it represents the ingenuity, resourcefulness, and creativity of our country’s ancestors, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and celebrating cultural heritage.

Are you visiting our park in big crowds? Check out our big kubo.

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What Our Client Say About Us

Ana Grace
Ana Grace
What a beautiful place but the crazy rain ruined it. 🙁🙁 Our hostess was wonderful! Food was also delicious! So many varieties of food to order!
Cool place for overnight camping, tall mountain scare me
Manoj Kumar Lalwani
Manoj Kumar Lalwani
Place Is Nice Close To Nature But Entrance Is Way High
Danica Jumag
Danica Jumag
Great place to relax

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